About Us

The Yemeni Community Association (YCA) is a base of social interaction for young people in Sandwell. It is a place where young people can relax, learn, meet new people and get information about local services.

We offer a wide range of programmes and activities that develop the young people holistically, working with them to facilitate their personal, social, physical and educational development.

Our programme offers young people hope and encouragement, especially those who face barriers regularly in life or are socially disadvantaged.

Our services aim to equip young people with the appropriate skills and knowledge that will improve their quality of life, allowing them to make a positive contribution to society.


  • Youth Forum
  • Physical & health activities
  • Educational support
  • Skills development & career support
  • Gender-specific clubs/activities
  • Out of school programmes
  • Outings
  • Empowerment & team building activities

Yemeni Youth Forum

Yemeni Youth Forum (YYF) aims to help other young people, particularly from the Yemeni community who suffer from disadvantages and social problems.

The role of the YYF is to consult with young people to develop and deliver a range of programmes and activities that will equip young people with the appropriate skills and knowledge to tackle current issues affecting them.

The main areas of work that the YYF aims to achieve is to organise activities that tackle underachievement at school, unemployment and anti-social behaviour and to establish a range of social and recreational activities that will develop and bring out the best of individuals.

The YYF works closely with other service providers for young people to deliver appropriate services and activities in the local area to ensure the specific needs of young people are met.