The following is a full list of health-related publications produced for free distribution within the Yemeni community, and to aid others in understanding the important issues related to health and well-being in the community.

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Click on the PDF icons below to download the relevant leaflets:

A leaflet written to inform the community about the dangers of high blood pressure, and what they can do to reduce associated health risks.

Another educational leaflet aimed at individuals outside the Sandwell Yemeni community, giving insights into their culture, history and practices.

What is diabetes and what are its main symptoms?  Also contains information on where to go for help, and how best to treat it with healthier lifestyle choices.

A leaflet summarising the main findings of the investigation carried out in 2001 into the health profile of the Yemeni community in Sandwell.

A resource targeted at English-speaking members of the community who might be considering a journey to Yemen.

Tips on how to improve your health by a better choice of diet, emphasising a balanced and healthy intake of nutrients.

The causes of coronary heart disease explained simply, and information on prevention, detection and treatment.